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Sep. 9th, 2005

I'm having a great time in Michigan, though I do miss people back home! And Renee, I am really looking forward to spending time with you when I get back home!

I really had no idea what's been going on in Louisiana until Elizabeth clued me in 2 or 3 days ago. That was really depressing. Since then I learned that the sister of an old friend of mine, Sarah, who lives in New Orleans, lost everything. And a singer from a New Orleans band I really like, Fred LeBlanc of Cowboy Mouth, lost everything except what was on the tour bus. It's a real Tower experience, and we can be grateful for those who still have the most important thing -- their lives -- but of course prayers and energy are needed down there.

So, the short version of what's been going on in Michigan!

I'm working (well, playing!) at a magical thatched cottage, the Strawbale Studio, a real sacred space, a spiral engraved on one wall, a tree molded on another, made of natural materials -- cob (mud!) and strawbales -- and how great it feels to sink my feet in the mud! Want to have a naked mudding party like Sunray did. :)

Plans to build a Hobbit House!

I'm learning about herbs and native plants and all the amazing things you can do with the plants that grow right in your own backyard.

I'm sewing a renaissance style shirt, with these beautiful celtic knot buttons I found at the crafts store. Also planning on learning some leatherwork and natural dyes.

Fun and glamourbombing at the Michigan Renaissance Festival (Free tickets! It's always nice to know someone who works at faire!)

Meditation and Yoga classes coming up.

Making *tons* of connections with ecology/sustainability groups and people in SE Michigan... trips to Detroit, Ann Arbor, E. Lansing...

Lots of really cool paganish people. And lots of connecting. :)

Being encouraged to join a choir despite my horrendous singing voice. (I'm told that I sing fine when I'm singing along to music, and I just have to wean myself off of the CD to the point where I feel ok singing a capella!)

Went to Robin and Greg's and connected with an Indian saint! He says he has to laugh at least once every 15 minutes or something's not right! He's just totally accepting and makes me feel like I'm his best friend. Invited me to his house and to a Sangha in Westland... very much looking forward to seeing hime again.


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Sep. 9th, 2005 04:22 am (UTC)
Good to hear from you! And I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time. Was actually thinking of you (and actually talked about it to a friend) yesterday because something in my dream reminded me of you (I was doing some kind of science project/presentation and it apparently had to do with "renewable resources" or at least something about ecology, although I have no idea how a snail and a terrarium are supposed to relate to that. but that's dream logic . . . )

Anyway I'm glad all is well. Take care!
Nov. 5th, 2005 07:23 am (UTC)
you're still alive, right? I miss you online . . .
Nov. 5th, 2005 10:06 am (UTC)
Hey! I was thinking about you and hoping you weren't upset at me for not being around. I miss you online, too.

I've had so much going on (in a good way), and so much to get done before I return home in a couple weeks. I haven't wanted to get sucked in by spending too much time online (which would be really easy!) I've been writing about some of the things I've done here, and I'm getting a new LJ set up, so I'll send you that link soon. When I came here, I decided it would feel really good to let go of some old stuff, and start anew. The blank pages just felt so liberating! Sort of metaphorical...

I really appreciate your randomly commenting and saying you miss me. *hug* And I'm really looking forward to reading your journal... which I'll do really soon! Though I'm also tempted to save it as a treat to look forward to when I get home. :)
Nov. 5th, 2005 02:47 pm (UTC)
*HUG* not necessarily a lot interesting, although maybe you'd appreciate stuff more. I don't share all that much anymore because everyone sees the negative and just wishes that things were "better", when really things aren't bad, I'm just working through stuff.

I've thought about starting another live journal, maybe more for poetry and stuff . . . actually, I might do that. I'd feel more free to express myself if I only let people read it who I know will appreciate it (so even some "friends" I might not let read it, the ones who I don't think will appreciate it . . .)

wow, okay, I think I will. I know the name, I'll check to see if it's available . . .

thank you. :)

Actually, I wasn't angry, more like . . . sad. I feel like I've had a huge lack of appreciation and validation in my life. Ironic, since I have lots of people who know and love me and yet I imagine a virtual stranger sees more in me than they do . . . I'm like that, though, and I don't let a lot of people see much of me, except in little bits, and I'm too sensitive when people don't appreciate what they see.

Anyway I was mostly thinking, hey, I wonder if he even remembers I exist . . .

new starts sound wonderful.

no rush on reading mine, there isn't a lot there, more like random updates and random processing. i've had a lot going on.

I'll talk to you again soon. :)

Nov. 6th, 2005 11:43 pm (UTC)
I'll appreciate it, I hope you'll let me read your new journal!

Of course I remember you exist. And appreciate you very much. *HUG*

I just added you at my new journal... liam_earthsong... it probably sounds really optimistic... things have been really great but right now I feel kind of down. Everything feels wonderful until I remember that *one* thing that's missing... someone to cuddle, someone I know will be there... and then it turns to despair. Just wish I didn't have to sleep alone tonight.

I'd write this stuff in an entry, but I'm way too tired.
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